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  • Active Duty

    Starring Shane, Adam, Lance, Elijah. Shane and the boys got together to shoot the shit as they shoot pool. In the middle of their social, a "new guy" walks in. Unable to devise a name for himself, he is now known as FNG, fucking new guy, Elijah and Lance join in the fun then Elijah finds Adam in the Jacuzzi and tops him long and hard! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Hops, Shane, Tuffy, Trey. Watch sexy real marine Hops as he does an about face sucks some cocks for the first time. He's been dishing out some rough sex, but can he take a cock himself? He stars in two hot, and dirty threesomes with Shane, Tuffy and Trey. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Shane, Damien, Trey, Travis. Travis, Trey, Damien and Shane do an about face after hours. From hard corps military men to sex buddies, the transformation is complete. Watch Travis big thick cock pound Trey's ass like a piston as he writhes in glorious punishment. XXX. Active Duty

    Four hours of hot military guys doing whatever it takes to entertain our members live on camera! This movie is packed with loads of hardcore action. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Big D, Chaz G, Colin, Shane, Elijah. Things kick off with Shane and Elijah in the shower and Shane is trying to talk me into getting naked and joining them, but being the shy, reserved type, I decline his requests. Shane and Elijah give a great kiss to start things out and it goes on for quite a bit. They are chatting up the crowd and getting things going. It isn't long before Shane drops to his knees to taste Elijah's cock. After he's sucked his cock a little he turns that pretty ass of Elijah's around and starts munching on that for a while. Elijah returns the favor and gives Shane's cock some loving attention. Shane starts fucking Elijah's face and Elijah is having a hard time taking it all. Elijah takes a break and Shane takes his time alone in front of the audience very serious. After some more mutual sucking the boys dry off and move things over to the bathtub steps where they continue the sucking and talking to the crowd. Things move to the bedroom and Shane starts working Elijah's cock up so he can put it in his ass. Like always, Elijah is hard as a rock. His cock is loving the attention and it won't be long before it's up Shane's ass. But before that happens, Elijah wants to taste Shane's cock again. The crowd asks for another kiss and Shane and Elijah are more than happy to oblige. Shane works Elijah's cock up once more before he decides to ride it. Shane gets Elijah's cock up his ass and rides it like a horsy. XXX. Active Duty
    Josh Luke Jacob Tucker Thomas. Masturbation Muscles Military Str8 Bait. Five hot military men stroke and suck until they explode their loads like cock rockets! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Colin, Chaz, Luke, Hoss, Ty Tony. What do you get when you throw a horny Santa together with 15 hot, horny soldier's, some booze, plenty of presents in Santa's bag? Oh if that Christmas tree could talk! One thing for sure there's plenty of yule logs fired up! In the true spirit of the holidays good will to men and this is about as good as it gets! Rumor has it Santa's really a dirty old man enjoying himself immensely! Forget the missile toe it's the missile these guys are after! Dink proves that great gifts cum in big packages. No singing is allowed with your mouth full--humming's optional. Party on men! Oh what fun it is. Waiting for Santa, Santa's Arrival, Opening Presents, and Sitting on Santa's Lap. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Kaden Saylor, Zackk, Payne, Colin, Kasey, Christian, Hops, Bryan, Ryan, Brock Penn, Cole, Reese Reynolds, Damien White, Adam Wells. Orgies Muscles Anal Military Safe Sex. The Christmas show opens with all the boys gathered around sitting on the couch, the floor, the arms of chairs so everyone can squeeze in the picture in front of the tree. XXX. Active Duty

    Starring Scott, Neil, Mike Lowry. Two hardcore scenes, one condom-free. Mike & Neil, Adam & Scott. XXX. Active Duty
    Alpha Tango
    Starring Dorian , Blake, Jake Tango Shawn Covert Austin. Amateur Anal Military Safe Sex. The Alpha Tango DVD boasts two incredibly sexy scenes -- one where we dragged Jake across the line a bit more thanks to the talented skills of Blake, and another with a heated threeway featuring Austin, Dorian and our newest recruit, Shawn. XXX. Active Duty
    Amateur, Bubble Butt, Cumshot, Masturbation Muscles Military Starring Kaden Saylor. All-American looks, perfect proportions, muscles, and a smile that melts with the power of the sun combine in one very hot and well-hung American sailor. His name is Kaden and he'll quickly become your favorite bedtime buddy. Sweet and innocent, with blue eyes and a bright smile, he also has a dirty side. In four sizzling solo scenes, Kaden strips off his sailor drag, works it in a jockstrap, and showcases every inch of his awesome body, always hard dick, beautiful bubble butt and yearning asshole! XXX. Active Duty
    Big Dick, Masturbation, Military. A very special video, featuring five solo scenes with Rex. XXX. Active Duty

    Masturbation, Military, Muscles. 18 year old muscle stud Kody brings a soldier across the line Dink! XXX. Active Duty
    Another Tour Of Duty
    Starring Jordan Sage Rush Pratt Zane Lee Thomas. Amateur Orgies Anal Military Str8 Bait Safe Sex. Two of Active Duty's hottest faces meet for the first time in this extremely sexy film! Jordan Sage and Zane team up with hot new models Rush and Pratt for an all out fuck-fest. This is one title you don't want to miss! XXX. Active Duty
    Amateur, Military, Muscles. Cole, Cowboy, Cameron, Swedish, Luke, Kody and Marcus Come Over to Hang Out... All the guys show up to my house on a hot day towards the end of summer and end up hanging out all day long. And the way the day unfolds is truly hot to watch as our seven heroes start things off in the garage working out on the Smith Machine, doing push-ups, bench presses and just shootin' the shit. A Cool Dip in the Pool... After their sweaty workout all seven of our sexy soldiers head out to the pool to take a dip, do a little swimming, lounge by the pool, wrestling in the water, playing ball and just having fun. This is a sight to behold as we rarely get to see our fellows do anything but have sex (not saying that's a bad thing) so the change of pace is nice and to see them interact with one another as they bond and act naturally in a natural setting is really a treat. A Circle Jerk Unfolds in the Gazebo... After getting all warmed up, the seven heroes head over to the screened-in gazebo where the stereo is blasting some Bob Marley and there's fresh porn playing on the TV. Well, we all know what happens when you put horny soldiers, beer and porn all in the same place. The Seven Soldiers Move to the House for Some Hot Sex... After they've blown their first load in the gazebo, we move things to the house where the guys pile up three to a couch (Swedish, Cole and Cameron on one couch and Cowboy, Marcus and Luke on one couch) and Kody takes the ottoman. The six soldiers on the two couches start off with a little sucking action and from there it's on. Bareback Brotherhood ... With all this cocksucking there's bound to be some ass fucking and who better to go to the plate first than our little hero Swedish? All the boys grab Swedish up and throw him on his back over the ottoman and hold his little legs high in the air by the ankles so he can get Cole's naked cock deep in his ass. XXX. Active Duty
    Bareback, Military. Cowboy and Jax came over thinking they'd be doing individual solo jack off sessions, but once I seen the two I knew I had to get them side by side for a double. I told them I was running short on time and that I would only be able to film them jerking off together. They hesitated a bit at first, but as you see, they eventually gave in. It is during this session that I realize we have the making of a great video. The comfort and ease between the two is obvious as their skin nearly sticks together they are so close. Of course I told them that they needed to scoot in a bit since I did not have a wide angle lense (wink). At the end of this session I make them promise to return after they get out of the field to do their individual solos. They agree. XXX. Active Duty

    Starring Jamie, Kody, Cheyenne. Big Jake fucks piggy Cheyenne bareback. Includes anal, dick sucking & cum-eating. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Jamie. You guys have been hounding me and begging for more of Kody and to see him with another guy. Well, this, his first go around, is sure to be one to remember since he not only gets his cock sucked, his ass eaten, but also sucks cock and fucks Cheyenne bareback. Kody didn't plan on fucking another guy in his first video, but lucky for us in the middle of this shoot Jamie got a call from his unit saying they were having an emergency call-out/formation and he had to skip out. This unexpected (wink) happening left no one else to do the job of fucking Cheyenne but our boy Kody. After some cajoling from yours truly, he finally agrees to do it for the sake of making a good video. And boy, does he ever do a good job of it. XXX. Active Duty
    Amateur, Bareback, Military, Threeway. Starring Cheyenne, Kane, Landon. Three of our latest men mix it up in this hardcore video. XXX. Active Duty

    Amateur, Bareback, Big Dick, Military. Starring Kody, Cole, Shane and Cheyenne. Massive-dicked Cole joins Shane and Swedish for a no-holes barred fuck-a-thon. Everybody tops and bottoms! Cole is 5'9", 150 lbs., 22 years old with a dick of death. Enjoy getting to know Cole. I know I sure did. XXX. Active Duty
    Bareback, Military, Muscles. Starring Kody, Cole, Shane and Cheyenne. Our four troopers come over to hang out and things take an interesting twist. Kody had agreed to get fucked, but not by Cole. Little does he know that I've already got it all planned out that he will do just that. So, I let him think that Shane will be the only one topping him in this video and that Cole will be topping our pig boy Cheyenne. And, Shane does top Kody and Cheyenne but Kody also gets topped by Cole and Shane also tops Cheyenne and Kody also tops Cheyenne and it's a fuckfest galore folks. So, Both Kody and Cheyenne get topped in this video. Kody getting it from both Shane and Cole and Cheyenne gets it from all three soldiers. Our four heroes get down to some serious blowjob action and start slobbin' knobs. Shane and Kody start on the couch while Cole and Cheyenne get their own action going down on the floor in front of them. XXX. Active Duty
    Military, Muscles, Uniform. Starring Haus Weston. Haus & Hunter come home after a long day under the thumb of their Drill Sergeant Lex. To unwind they put on a straight porno video, strip out of their uniforms, & do what comes naturally. When Haus fantasizes that a mouth would sure feel good on his dick, Hunter sees an opening to try something new. He leans over, grabs Haus' cock & sucks it into his mouth. No sooner is Hunter starting to enjoy the feeling of a man's cock in his mouth than the door bursts open & Sgt. Lex barges in screaming like any good Drill Sgt., saying how he thought something was going on between these two faggots. In a split second the tables are turned & Haus rips off the Sgt.'s shirt, & together he & Hunter strip him naked. A daisy chain of sorts forms as Hunter lays back on the couch & gets his ass & cock serviced by Haus while Sgt. Lex eats Haus' butt then sucks his Texas cock while stroking his own very excited prick. Haus blows his load right in the Sarge's face and Sgt. Lex licks the grunt's cock clean. XXX. Active Duty

    Lex & D.D. ... D.D. has one of the fattest cocks I've ever seen. It has got to be as big around as a coke can & it proved to be a real challenge to Lex. He's a real trooper though & Lex goes down on that monster cock like a vacuum on dirt. Lex & Jason ... Jason is a hot & horny young Army boy who loves nothing more then hanging out at Dink's house & jerking off. Today he gets something he didn't bargain for when Lex shows up & starts to jerk on his hard little soldier & finger his tight little ass! XXX. Active Duty
    Military, Muscles, Uniform. Bud & Spencer...Remember that session in Basic Training #2, where we couldn't find the cum shots? Well, we've got Bud and Spencer back. And we've got three cum shots that you are going to love. Patrick and Patty ... Dink lined up a session between Patty and Jamie but Jamie freaked (damn!) and left Patty hard and horny, so Dink called Patrick to fill in. This buff and pumped up Army Sgt. is straight but only a fool would turn down a blowjob! XXX. Active Duty
    Amateur, Fetish, Military, Shaving, Uniform. Zane and Tully start off wrestling and move into sex, shaving, and facial cum shots. XXX. Active Duty

    Amateur, Fetish, Military, Shaving, Uniform. Zack and Jason get it on in this video. A hot wrestling scene follows the sexy fuck session. XXX. Active Duty
    Amateur, Military, Uniform. Starring Tim Andrew. Shot on location in Hawaii, it's Marines vs. Navy in this very hot video. XXX. Active Duty
    Amateur, Military, Uniform. A jam-packed 75 minutes of Tully and Brad. XXX. Active Duty

    Starring Luke, Shane. Big Jake referee's the mud wrestling match between Kane, Luke and Shane. All you Big Jake fans will be glad to see him and know he's still alive and well. But the real fun will come as you watch Kane, Shane and Luke battle it out in the deep mud and eventually pull each others clothes off revealing hot jockstraps beneath. Once the clothes are off we get to see these three heroes slip and slide and really kick each others asses as they pull, grab and throw each other around in jockstraps. Once the battle is over and the winner is determined Big Jake showers the boys off with the garden hose and we see those tight, hot bods glisten in the wetness of both the water and their sweat. What a hot way to begin what turns into hot sex later in the house. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Kody, Damien, Dean, Jake. As the pants come off and not wanting to waste time on pleasantries, Dean chows down on Jake without any discussion. Kody Slurps up Damien in one gulp and the game is on. Damien peers at Kody through closed eyes and moans his approval. Dean pumps Jake to attention and then moves on to the plump ass on the big guy. Dean slurps and kisses his way if not into JakeÍs heart then squarely into the pretty pink pucker. Dean is a buff picture snorkeling on Jake with his own fat low-hangers swinging in the breeze! In the meantime, Damien is returning Kody's favor listening to Jake moan. Dean's tongue is reaching places Jake didn't know he had and grabs both cheeks to hold on. Before Jake knows it, Kody is a waitin' doggie. Jake is making all kinds of faces and moaning first softly and then turns up the volume. Damien is underneath sucking Dean and completes the circus act playing with Kody's balls. In the center ring, Damien is sucking Jake while Dean slurps Damien. Kody's first cumshot is a shot indeed all up and down Jake's spine. Damien is still wailing under Jake when we hear "hot jizz on my back!" Dean focuses on Kody's bubble-butt, licking and kissing his way up the crack. Jake gets his revenge on Damien and mounts him like a bitch. XXX. Active Duty
    Follow Kaden below deck as he makes a stunning debut in his very first hardcore feature! You won't want to miss his three-way with Adam and Levi, two hot models who rival his amazing good looks! After that, stay tuned to see all the cum fly when straight amateurs Levi, Hops and Colin get together. XXX. Active Duty

    Starring Kaden, Colin, Kasey, Eljiah, Adam. Kaden and Colin, two super hot looking studs, get it on below deck. Colin worships Kaden's sculpted body and devours his ass. Sparks fly when Kaden inserts his beautiful cock in Colin's ass. When they're done, Adam, Levi and Casey go below deck as a trio for some sucking, fucking and cumming! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Kaden, Kasey, Bryan, Ryan, Damien, Adam. Kaden and Kasey are on the bed while Adam and Damien are on the couch in front of them. Each pair explores their cocks, and then all four climb into bed for hot group sex. Want even hotter sex? How about adding a set of twins into the mix? The pleasure is doubled and so is the fun! XXX. Active Duty
    The guys have some fun mixing it up with a new kind of toy at the Bi-Barracks! XXX. Active Duty

    Starring Tuffy, Dirk, Brennan, Luke, Matt, Shane, Cody, Lane, Jake, Jamie, Chayanne, Marcus, Granger, Wolf, Britt, Craig. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Granger, C.J., Cole, Jack, Luke, Bryce, J.Z., Sky, Cody, Jimmy, Kent, Ryan. It isn't long before Granger is banging the hell out of C.J. as Cole feeds the boy his cock. C.J. has messed around and found himself in the hucklebuck folks but he ain't complaining. He's taking cock at both ends and not missing a beat. The two veterans flip C.J. over on his back and Granger turns the reins over to Cole while Granger gets down on C.J.'s cock while C.J.'s legs are in the air waiting on King Cole to make his entry. Granger crams his cock in C.J.'s mouth to help take his mind off the initial shock he's about to receive and the entry goes off without a hitch. C.J. is taking a fucking at both ends and loving it, troops. This boy was born to have sex. Granger gets his cock all wet in C.J's mouth and moves around behind Cole to try to get inside his ass and this time he's successful. Cole grunts a minute as Granger shoves in but once it's in it's on troops. Cole is fucking C.J. while he jerks on C.J.'s hard cock and Granger is fucking Cole and it's a hot two-way fuck folks. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Cameron, Damon, Kevin, Colin, Clint, Dean, Zak, Chaz, Tony, Jake, Ken, Doc. Two full hours of hardcore virgin ass fucking! Our hot third compilation video featuring some of your favorite guys getting fucked for the first time ever this movie is 100% hardcore action. XXX. Active Duty

    Starring Luke and Devon. Fantasy Come True... It's a typical Saturday around my place as I sit anxiously awaiting a new recruit, Devon, who was referred to me by Luke (Extra Duty #3). Since I'd never seen Devon, I was especially excited about his first visit... those are truly the best for me since it is another model's attempt to give me something he thinks I might like. Luke could not have been more right! Fade In ... Luke and Devon are sleeping in each others arms in their sexy little underwear as the morning sun shines through the blinds and these two beauties look so comfortable and content. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Cash Giovanni Spencer Cooper. Amateur Muscles Jocks Anal Safe Sex. Cooper Meets Spencer... Cooper says he's nervous, but you couldn't tell by how quickly he and Spencer get naked and right down to business. The cocks are hard as soon as the shorts come off and these two are obviously liking what they see on each other. The stares back and forth, glancing at one another's cocks and sizing them up is so fun to watch as these two get ready for the deed. There's chemistry here and these two aren't wasting anytime exploring it. Old Spencer proves once again that he's the perfect match for a new recruit, slowly seducing Cooper into one really hot session of man-sex. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Kane and Jack. Call of Duty an interesting video in that it starts out as a video between Kane and his longtime military buddy Jack. During this shoot I allowed a journalist (who must remain anonymous) to sit in on the filming. I'm not sure if it was my sly soothing ways or the pretty ass on Kane and the hot ass on Jack, but eventually our writer get written into the scene and all hell breaks loose. I think Jack was just happy to have another cock to play with while Kane may have been relieved to have some of the focus taken off of him. XXX. Active Duty
    Caught In The Crossfire
    Starring Thomas Giovanni Spencer Elijah, Levi. Amateur Anal Str8 Bait Threeway Safe Sex. Five gorgeous straight guys have the time of their lives when they get caught in the crossfire. XXX. Active Duty
    It's sailor madness with the Chicago Squid. Starring Mike, Alex, Myers, Alberto. XXX. Active Duty

    Solos with A.J., Castor, Micah & Lance. XXX. Active Duty
    A hot solos video with megahung Sam and Lorenzo, beefy Britt and muscled Mitch. XXX. Active Duty
    Hot solos with Timmy, Dalton, Joey & Wesley. XXX. Active Duty

    Amateur, Masturbation, Military, Twink. Hot solos with Bryan, Paul, Timmy & Zane. XXX. Active Duty
    Amateur, Masturbation, Military, Twink. Solos with James, Neil Patrick, The SGT. and Randall. XXX. Active Duty
    Cumshot, Masturbation, Muscles, Military. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to get you dick off any way possible. The five of you will have the help of an experienced director. All evidence of this covert mission will be destroyed, unless it falls into the wrong hands! XXX. Active Duty

    Amateurs, Masturbation, Muscles, Military. For your next mission all of you must take part in cock sucking and anal penetration. Since you are all strong and all straight this assignment may prove difficult. You must record it and we can only hope this evidence doesn't fall into the wrong hands. XXX. Active Duty
    Amateurs, Masturbation, Muscles, Military. For your next mission Willie you must train our new recruit. Note objectives include touching oral and anal penetration. I will send one other soldier to aid you in your mission. You must record it and we can only hope this evidence doesn't fall into the wrong hands. XXX. Active Duty
    Amateurs, Blowjobs, Cumshots, Military, Muscles. Starring Jake and Jamie. These hot and sexy young military men get it hard and get off... just don't tell! Jake and Jaime are two of the hottest men in the military sucking and jerking each other off. Jake helps new recruit Jamie "cross the line". See how far the soldier will go when he discovers the fluffer is really a dude! XXX. Active Duty

    Amateurs, Blowjobs, Cumshots, Military, Muscles. Hey Troops, you've been waiting for this one and we're proud to bring you the second in our new series, Crossin' The Line. In this one, our last recruit Jamie goes the extra mile to help Jake get our newest recruit Seth to "cross the line." Jamie not only bottoms for the new recruit, but he also bottoms for Jake. This one is a scorcher folks, so don't miss it. Starring Jake, Jamie, Seth. XXX. Active Duty
    Amateurs, Bareback, Cumshots, Military, Muscles. Another hot and steamy military two-some get together. It's the best Crossin' The Line yet. Featuring two hot military barrack boys, Jake and Landon. Jake works over another unsuspecting recruit. Landon gets cocky with Big Jake and gets his virgin ass fucked hard! Starring Jake and Landon. XXX. Active Duty
    Amateurs, Bareback, Cumshots, Military, Muscles. Four hot GI's give it to each other all over the face. This tape is all about facial cumshots. XXX. Active Duty

    Naked Soldiers

    Deep In The Foxhole
    Amateur. Starring Diego Fox DJ Austin Jack. Amateur New Release Muscles Anal Military Threeway Safe Sex. Jack and DJ are two horny devils themselves and when you throw a hot play thing in the middle of them like Fox you're sure to end up with something that will nearly melt your screen. I'm pleased to report that the first scene of Deep In The Foxhole will do just that. We've found ourselves a real trooper here and you're going to be amazed at how well he keeps up with veteran players Jack and DJ. And for the second scene (which was actually Fox's first hardcore scene) you see him with two more of our hot veterans getting it on. Diego and Austin take him for another ride of his life and you'll wanna be there for every second of it XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Kayden, Mason and Brock. Dink scopes out some new Marine meat. Five men, awesome bodies, big dicks. XXX. Active Duty
    Amateur, Masturbation, Military, Uniform. Starring Haus Weston. They really do grow big things in Texas and Haus Weston is proof. This man has everything an Army recruiting poster could want: a handsome stud with a weight-lifter's body that fills out a uniform perfectly. He's also got a schlong that would make Uncle Sam drool. XXX. Active Duty
    Jordan has grown a nice little goatee (which actually looks really hot on him) since he's been a civilian again. But, he did as I asked and brought his old uniform with him for this visit. In this scene, I ask him to shave his goatee and do one last scene in uniform for me for old time sake! Starrring: Jorden Sage, Ganger, Corrin, Angel, Jace, Jason, Alex, Myers, Mickey, Patty, and Brad. XXX. Active Duty

    Four non-military guys that Dink could not resist filming. XXX. Active Duty
    The Discharged series of videos features guys who have gotten out of the military or who were never in the military to begin with. We'll try to throw in one active duty dude in each video. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Mason Wyler, Kaden Saylor, Levi, Brock Penn, Kasey. Mason is happy to be drafted into an army of Active Duty's hot men, but when it comes time to perform, will he wish he was A.W.O.L.? Watch as Mason gets used by our gorgeous, straight, real military men! XXX. Active Duty

    DRAFTED #2
    Starring Mason Wyler, Adam Wells, Brock Penn, Hops, Kasey. It's physical time for Mason Wyler when he's drafted into a support role at Active Duty yet again! Kasey, Hops, Adam and Brock test his limits as they take turns pounding his ass and discharging their heavy loads all over him one after the other. XXX. Active Duty
    DRAFTED #3
    Starring Cole, Mason Wyler, Brent Corrigan, Chaz, Brock Penn, Spencer. Most think of Mason as a piggy, hungry bottom boy. But he's also one hell of a top with a big thick uncut cock. Mason's proven himself to be a hot recruit, and we close out his Drafted series with one of the hottest scenes he's ever done yet! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Chip and A.J. Hey Troops! San Diego has a lot of nice things to offer, but one of its best commodities for several decades have been delicious Marines. So, I set out to find my Dream Marine among all those beautiful boys. Chip won me over the first time I laid eyes on him. I knew I had to invite this boy back East for fun. What we have here is the result! Enjoy my (and now most likely your) Dream Marine. XXX. Active Duty

    Starring Corrin and Parker. Yes, we are now inventing words! We chose to name this video "Enlusted Soldiers" knowing full well that "Enlusted" was not a word you'll find in any dictionary. It's one of those fabulous creations that result when two hot Enlisted soldiers become "Enlusted." So, before you go throwing the Webster's Dicktionary (oops there I go again) at us, we thought we'd explain ourselves first. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Craig and Britt. This sexy stud was introduced to me by Britt (our muscle boy that's on our 2003 Real Military Men calendar) and what an introduction it was. In this session we get to see Craig up close and personal as he strokes his nice cock and plays with that pretty ass of his. There's lots of ass action too that came in handy during Craig's first visit as you'll see below. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Britt and Wolf. Hey Troops... our boy Britt is becoming quite the popular guy when it comes to taking a young recruit & breaking him in right. I'm with all of you that have sent in e-mails of praise for our muscle boy saying what a fantastic top he is. This guy is a fuck machine and he loves every second of it. So what was I to do when I discovered Wolf and needed some help with getting him fucked? XXX. Active Duty

    10 hot Army guys get it on for Dink's cameras. XXX. Active Duty
    10 hot Army guys get it on for Dink's cameras. Peter.This lonely Army boy has been hanging around at Dink's a lot since they met at midnight at Wal-Mart. Dink handed him a business card & the rest is history. Mickey & Me ... we first saw Mickey in Grunt Spunk #3. He's a cute, smooth, horny little Hispanic guy with a long curved cock. The lighting in this session is kind of dark but I think you'll be able to make it all out OK. XXX. Active Duty
    Oil wrestling...Dink has assembled an all-star cast of raw military talent to participate in this video's main event, a baby oil-wrestling match. Hit The Showers ... After the wrestling is done, Coach Dink orders them all into the shower. Zack & Zane get there first & get the lion's share of the hot water, steaming the bathroom up with their sexy bodies. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Trevor, Hoss, Cole, Colin, Tony. Trevor has a hard-on. So does Cole and Hoss. The cocksucking begins followed by Cole doing the honor of fucking Colin's ass for the first time. All five guy's get in on the sex before it's over! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Josh, Elijah, Thomas, Damien. Damien and Elijah get cleaned up to get dirty! Elijah eats Damien's ass and gets it ready for a good fucking. Thomas, Josh, Elijah and Damien play on the beach, back in the bedroom, the sucking and fucking begins! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Rico, Cole, Luke, Chaz, Jagger, Dean. I don't know what happened to me that day but I guess all the hot action got the best of me. Cole and Luke take turns manning the camera in my disappearance. Luke fucks Rico again while Rico sucks Cole's cock. It isn't long before we see Luke assume Rico's position as Rico takes the camera. Then it's back to Luke fucking Rico. He fucks himself up to a cumshot and blows his hot load all over Rico's nice bubble ass. Cole gets his cumshot by Rico sucking his cock. Cole slaps the cum all over Rico's face then Luke helps Rico get his nut as Cole films the finale. Rico blows his load on Luke's face and the curtain closes on this break-in session. The burglar has intruded, the goods have been stolen and Rico may never be the same. XXX. Active Duty

    Starring Jordan Sage. This film is 100% all amateur action and includes some hot solo scenes! Dink Flamingo presents "First Platoon" featuring hot military men in hot solo action. This is a must see for any Active Duty fan! Don't miss these hot, young army boys get off on camera! Enjoy! XXX. Active Duty
    Be there when Dink brings European boys to America and gives them the Active Duty Welcome. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Tuffy and Brennan. Two best friends become more than just friends for the first time. XXX. Active Duty

    These two hot Marines came by wearing their dress blue uniforms and looking like a million bucks. I couldn't resist the chance to capture this beauty as these two buddies stripped down, put in a porno and get on the bed together to do their duty. Hunter is such a hot example of a buff, rough and tough devil dog and his buddy Garret is a compact, tight little package that holds his own. Garret has the most beautiful blue bedroom eyes and the cutest ass while Hunter is packing the cock we all dream about and an ass that any of us would love to service. These two get down and dirty and put on a great show for us as I laugh and joke with them. It's decided that both of them will cum all over the camera (and me) and I love every minute of it. I'm sure you will too. XXX. Active Duty
    Oh my. If you like 'em young and cute but with a street smart edginess about them and a tough guy attitude then you're gonna love the hot little package that makes up Bryce. I met Bryce at a local strip club as he was trying to "mac" the ladies. Well, as luck would have it, he thought he'd find more action at my place watching one of my straight porns. Lucky for us he shows up horny as the little devil he is. Bryce is a small guy (as you can tell) about 5'7" with a small, tight frame. Take a look at that ass ... I mean those eyes. XXX. Active Duty
    G.I. JACK OFFS #2
    Amateurs, Masturbation, Military. Another collection of early models including Jordan sage & three of his hot army buddies. XXX. Active Duty

    G.I. JACK OFFS #3
    Amateurs, Masturbation, Military. Starring Jimmy Dean. More of Active Duty's early models, including Jimmy Dean & Shooter. XXX. Active Duty
    G.I. JACK OFFS #4
    Amateurs, Masturbation, Military. Another collection of early models including Hunter, Mckenzie, & Cody. XXX. Active Duty
    G.I. JACK OFFS #6
    More of Dink's early models, including A.J., Nick, & Eddie. XXX. Active Duty

    Amateur, Masturbation, Military, Uniform. Dogtags, camoflage and cum- four guys get it off for Dink's camera and you. XXX. Active Duty
    Amateur, Masturbation, Military, Uniform. Four more hot, sexy young army boys spill their secrets & their loads. XXX. Active Duty
    Amateur, Masturbation, Military, Uniform. Four hot GIs in five hot scenes. One guy on this tape does it twice for the camera. XXX. Active Duty

    Starring Swedish, Kody, Sly, J.Z. t's hard to tell the newbie's from the veterans, as everybody is hungry for dick. With four hot soldiers ready to play the chemistry comes alive and we've got ourselves on wild weekend! Don't miss all the hard cocks, hard bodies, and hard fucking! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Granger, Cole, Kody, C.J., Brennan, Rico. Hey Troops, Hard Corps 2 is the long-awaited return of our boy Granger -- who people just fell in love with when he made his Active Duty debut with Jordan Sage in Tour Of Duty 2. They'd been friends in the Army while stationed in Puerto Rico and luckily Jordan put me in contact with Granger and the rest is, as they say, history! Granger went on to keep us hot and bothered in other scorching videos like Thrill SGT and Platoon Party. We just never seemed to be able to get enough of him and then ... he was gone. Granger and I have stayed in contact over the years and his life as a single parent (he's now married) had kept him busy. We were never quite able to make things work out for him to visit. But now he's back with us in Hard Corps 2 and he's as excited about Cole's cock as he was about Jordan's way back when. His passion for grabbing onto a big cock and swinging from it reminds us of ourselves -- and maybe that's why we love him so much. The night before we shot this video me, Granger, Cole, C.J. and a couple of other guys went to the strip clubs and got pretty drunk. That night, Granger eased up next to me at the club and said, "You know what you're doing. I gotta give it to ya. This is gonna be a good film" as he gazed at Cole and smiled. He'd seen pics of Cole already at my house and had already set his eyes on that huge cock. XXX. Active Duty
    Dogtags, camouflage and cum. Four guys get it off for Dink's camera and you. XXX. Active Duty

    Dogtags, camouflage and cum. Four guys get it off for Dink's camera and you. XXX. Active Duty
    Dogtags, camouflage and cum. Four guys get it off for Dink's camera and you. XXX. Active Duty
    HOT ZONE #1
    Starring Chaz, Clint, Donnie, Gixer. Chaz and Clint are soon sporting wood and complimenting each other on their nice cocks. They start out with a little hand action, stroking each other and getting a feel for the other's size. The pants come off and it isn't long before Chaz is between Clint's legs woofin' down his nice, hard cock. Chaz must be doing a superb job because Clint is really getting into this blowjob as Chaz rubs his chest and works his cock, deep-throating and slurping and sucking his balls. Chaz gives Clint's cock a taste of the other side works his cock good. Clint looks so hot just laying back enjoying his buddies hot mouth. The deep-throating action that Chaz is showing Clint's long cock is impressive. XXX. Active Duty

    HOT ZONE #2
    Starring Dean, Trevor, Chaz, Damien, Hayden. XXX. Active Duty
    HOT ZONE #3
    Starring sexy soldiers Christian, Damien, Twin Clone. Hot and in the zone, big-dick Christian sucks and fucks with Damien then moves on for a doubly good time with another group of friends! XXX. Active Duty
    Check out these soldiers! They're hot, ripped, toned and ready to go. Watch as they stroke their big poles, all for your viewing pleasure! XXX. Active Duty

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    Starring Kellen, Clint, Donnie, Caleb. Four more men take matters into their own hands! Don't miss these sexy soldiers playing with their huge meat sticks, just for you! XXX. Active Duty
    LIVE AMMO #1
    Starring Hawk, Matt, Lewis, Parker. Five hot guys, including the swarthy Parker and the beefy duo of Britt and Lewis. Five hot guys, including the swarthy Parker and the beefy duo of Britt and Lewis. XXX. Active Duty
    LIVE AMMO #2
    Starring Todd, Jordan, Glenn Russell. Hot solos with Jordan Sage and one of our latest discoveries, Todd. Also with new men Glenn and Russell. XXX. Active Duty
    LIVE AMMO #3
    Young, military studs shoot off their guns for your viewing pleasure! Hooray for the red cock and blue balls! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Barrett Long, Colin, Elijah, Kyler. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Barrett Long, Hops, Elijah, Johnathan, Damien. XXX. Active Duty
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    Starring Zane and Zack. Why all this whoop-la about Zane? Well, he's cute, he's sexy, he's horny, and he's leaving on a duty rotation to Korea. Yup, that's right, this is the last tape we're going to see with Zane in it for a while and Dink decided that as Zane's last video he wanted to pair him up with Zack. Zack and Zane have been friends ever since they were in that oil wrestling match in Extra Duty #3 but they've never gotten it on by themselves. That's going to change right here...right now! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Adam, Brad, Scott. All sucking, all fucking, all the time. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Brock, Cameron, Kody. This movie kicks off with Brock's solo as he slowly seduces the camera, you, and me with his tight, muscled and well-defined masterpiece of a body. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Tully, Kody, Hoss, Bryson. A note from Dink: Men In Action 2 brings with it two hot scenes. The first scene features Kody and that hunk Hoss everyone has been screaming for more of. It took some doing to get Hoss to come through for us, but once Kody got his hands on Hoss, our hero lightened up and came along quite nicely. Hoss fucks Kody like a madman and Kody loves ever second of it. Our next scene is a threesome featuring Kody, a new guy named Bryson and our longtime favorite, Tully. It's been awhile since we've seen Tully in front of the Active Duty cameras but he's back in this video and he's looking better than ever. He still has his love for sucking cock and he shows off his skills quite well for us. He's also trying something new this time around and that's fucking Kody along with newcomer Bryson who fucks Kody bareback! Enjoy, Troops! -Dink XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Cliff, Cole, Brennan, Damien. Big Dicks, Jocks, Military. Cliff thinks he's got himself an innocent little 19 year-old virgin boy to corrupt and we don't let him think any different. The thought seems to really turn Cliff on so we just keep our mouths shut and Damien plays right along. I tell Cliff it's his job to seduce and turn Damien out and he doesn't waste any time trying. Cliff has no idea that Damien has been down this road before and fucked hard and long by the best of the Active Duty studs. It's especially hot to watch as Damien fakes Cliff out and acts as if he's the innocent fuck Cliff thinks he is. In fact, I think the whole idea of being seduced (whether it's his first time or not) really turns Damien on. I can tell right away that the chemistry between these two is going to be magic. Cliff starts out the usual way with a porn in the DVD player as he starts playing with his cock and talking to Damien, "this is getting me excited how about you?" Cliff does the old "mind if I jerk off?" routine and Damien plays right along. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Sam, Lorenzo, Dink. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Jimmy, Shane, Cole, Gabriel. Jimmy had his first taste of cock in his scene with Shane but he returns for another go at it and little does he know that this time he'll be up against the biggest dick in the Active Duty stable. Better yet, he has no idea that he's gonna be expected to take all that meat up his tight little pucker. Gabriel, our flyboy angel from Friendly Fire 1, joins in the fun for his first exposure to guy on guy sex and what happens next is a sight to behold. The three soldiers kick back on my bed for some of the usual. He feeds more to Gabriel then more to Jimmy then Cole decides feeding them both simultaneously might work better so the two soldiers share the cock while once sucks the rod the other licks the balls and shaft. Cole grabs the ceiling and hangs on for the ride. After blowing his huge load all over Jimmy's pink pucker, Cole takes Gabriel's cock in his mouth and sucks it for a while. Then Cole and Gabriel go down on Jimmy and work him up to a nice cumshot. Then, Gabriel pumps out the biggest cumshot of the evening (maybe one of the biggest I've ever seen) and lands it all over himself and the comforter. Hot stuff! Our three soldiers have completed their mission and at least two of them (Gabriel and Jimmy) will be forever changed. This scene actually starts the video off but we thought it was best to save its description for last. Jimmy shows up at my house having agreed to give messing around with another guy an honest try. Jimmy gives Shane a reach around and strokes Shane while he rides off into ecstasy. It isn't long before Jimmy wants more control so he gets Shane up on his hands and knees to finish the job. Soon, Jimmy pulls his naked cock out of Shane's ass and blows his load all over his back. XXX. Active Duty
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    Starring Dean, Cody, Cole. The video kicks off with Dean and Kody in the bathroom where they play around a little and undress each other before hopping in the shower. Kody slowly rubs and enjoys Dean's body and licks his nipples then moves down and starts giving him head and Dean returns the same attention before they hop in the shower together where the two of them caress one another's bodies and wash each other down. Kody slides his cock up and down the crack of Dean's ass as Dean bends over for his new buddy to explore. There's no entry here, but it's hot to watch. They exchange a wet blowjob then before getting out of the shower they lock lips in what has to be one of the hottest French kisses we've ever recorded. These guys compliment each other so well. Two, hot, beefy guys willing to explore each other and one so excited by the newness of it all that it adds such a great intensity to the mix. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Britt, Craig, Granger and Cowboy. A very special video, guest-directed by author Steve Zeeland. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Britt, Craig, Granger and Cowboy. Watch four of Active Duty's hot new boys have an all-out fuckfest. Hot young ass and rock hard Army cocks make one incredible night. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Johnathan, Adam, Bryan, Ryan, Shane, Colin. Zarek has a Flamingo Tale to tell about his first night at Active Duty. The story begins with who pissed on whom and ends with Dink running for President and Zarek as First Lady. Personal secrets fly and Kent relates his tale of Dink threatening to string him up from a ceiling fan by his nipples and fuck him with a giant dildo. We never gave our little bottom boy a name that night, so we just call him the "unknown soldier," or Unks for short. (He's the fresh-faced guy to your bottom right.) Unks arrives and is propped up on Dink's bed for inspection. Naked and with his ass cheeks in the air, Unks gets the order to "arch your back and show your mangina ... put a finger in your ass ... now two ... boys, I'm leavin' for awhile, do not let this boy off the bed until he has six fingers up his ass. His whole hand and one finger from someone else. If you let him get up before I get back, I'm going to fire all of you." XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Johnathan, Adam, Bryan, Ryan, Shane, Colin. An all-new hot and heavy fuckfest with six real straight soldiers, including a set of identical twins! Don't miss one of our hottest moves ever! In this hot third installment, there's a six-man orgy that will leave you breathless and an intense double full of 69! XXX. Active Duty
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    Amateurs, Cumshots, Military, Uniform. We're proud to bring you an Active Duty "Limited Release". "Rapid Fire" is a collection of over 60 cumshots & is nearly 2 hours long. It has some of our best Active Duty models blowing their loads for you. Even if you own some of the tapes that these sessions come from, Rapid Fire is a great addition to your collection. It's nearly half of all Active Duty's models (some delivering more than one cum shot) in one two hour tape so you can get up close & personal without having to dig out your whole collection. And remember, "Rapid Fire" is a "Limited Release" & will only be on sale for a short time. XXX. Active Duty
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    Amateurs, Masturbation, Muscles, Military. Big Haus Weston's first time in front of the camera in three hot scenes as he loosens up & becomes a star! XXX. Active Duty
    Sgt. Lex in the shower, upside down & chewing his jock strap. XXX. Active Duty
    A compilation of solo scenes previously available only on our hardcore tapes. These hot studs will whack off and cum for you. XXX. Active Duty
    RE-LOAD #2
    Starring Shane, Kody, Tuffy. This is the second round of solos featuring scenes that were previously only available in hardcore tapes. XXX. Active Duty
    Hot, muscled, and hung recruits Shane, Kody, and Tuffy meet for an active duty rear formation...bareback style! You don't wanna miss this bareback attack! XXX. Active Duty
    Cameron is a hot, young stud that I found several months back and have been working on him to get him comfortable enough to do a male/male video. He's so cute and so hung and has all the right stuff that it was hard for me to let him slip passed without giving it my best effort to bring him across the line. This video is both mine and his (as well as Shane's) honest attempt at doing so for you the constant viewer. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Kody, Dirk, Shane. Bareback, Big Dicks. Here we have our third installment to the Rear Formation series. And what a match-up it is with Shane and our new find, Dirk. Dirk is so horny in this video that his cock is hard as soon as the camera comes on. He's anticipating what's about to happen and once the heat is on he decides that the condom just ain't workin' for him so he decides on a new tactic and fucks Shane's ass raw and bareback. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Hoss, Kody, Dean, Brock, Cole. These are 100% real military men getting on some amateur action for our cameras...there's something here for everyone! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Thomas, Damien, Cole, Shane, Chaz. These are 100% real military men getting on some amateur action for our cameras... there's something here for everyone! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Elijah, Dean, Cole, Chaz. These are 100% real military men getting on some amateur action for our cameras...there's something here for everyone! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Tuffy, Brennan, Matt. Tuffy, Brennan and Matt go on a wild adventure together. These guys bring up the rear! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Tuffy, Dirk, Luke. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Ryan, Brennan, Shane, Swedish. Shane doesn't take long to get Ryan in a lip lock and on his way to lovin' other men. As the shirts come off, Shane moves the action slowly down Ryan's chest, kissing his way onto a rock hard cock. Ryan doesn't really know what to do, but holds Shane's back lovingly pushing him farther down on the slicked-up shaft. Shane likes to tease a cock by pulling his head back, looking it straight in the eye, then swallowing it down to the bush. Ryan is ready to take it all off, so both boys shed their pants, shorts, and climb back in the sack to compare cocks. Ryan doesn't have to be coaxed into working on Shane's cock and greedily slurps it up, teasing a bit on his own, then swallowing it whole. Shane likes his knob kissed, licked and sucked-on hard. Shane works one leg up in the air so that his balls are free and then holds back his cheeks for Ryan to chow down on the pretty pink pucker underneath. Ryan rubs his tongue ring up and down Shane's shaft and has him begging for more and fucking face. Shane can't stand it any longer and throws those legs back up for Ryan to lap at his hole. He smiles at the camera and pushes Ryan's head back down on this glistening rod, grinning all the way. Shane maneuvers Ryan into a doggie bend and goes to work on the back door. The heavy breathing you hear is mine, not Ryan's as the camera sneaks between Shane's legs for an insertion shot. Ryan likes to reach back and cup Shane's balls when they slap his own. It's a hot view from underneath with two sets of balls ringing like church bells. Shane shifts into automatic and his bareback attack gets serious enough to splash a big hot load on Ryan's ass. He slaps the hole with the fat cock for a few minutes before he lets go with a smile for the camera. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Teddy, Zack, Zane. New guys on the block in hot solos: Reece, Killer, Rush and Jayden. XXX. Active Duty
    Amateurs, Masturbation, Military. More hot new recruits in sizzling solos. Featuring Cameron, Gavin, Austin and Kent. XXX. Active Duty
    Amateurs, Masturbation, Military. More hot new recruits in sizzling solos. Featuring Cameron, Gavin, Austin and Kent. XXX. Active Duty
    Amateurs, Masturbation, Military. Dusty and his 9" cock along wth three other GI's in four hot solo scenes. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Teddy, Zack, Zane. Seaman Teddy...It's very rare to see a sailor in dress whites wandering around an Army town, so when Dink saw Teddy walking down the street his curiosity was piqued. Dink picked up the Seaman Teddy and started a weekend of seduction and sex as Dink and two of his horniest Grunts show Teddy a whole new way of life. Teddy & Zane ... This hot Army man drops by Dink's place unannounced and joins in the party as Dink and Teddy are getting plastered and singing the blues. Teddy's girlfriend screwed up big-time just as Teddy was about to propose to her, so he walked out and said fuck it! Now, with a bottle of vodka close at hand he's downing his sorrows. When Dink goes out to get more cigarettes, Zane and Teddy move into the den and Zane steers the conversation to sex. Teddy is feeling no pain and as Zane starts to test the sailor's limits. He finds that the booze has loosened Teddy up enough to make his move. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Adam, Brad, Ryan. You remember Sgt. Suck 'Em, right? Sgt. Adam Wolfe from Ft. Polk made the trip up to see Dink and found out how much fuckin' fun it is to be a naked grunt on video. Well, now Dink is the one traveling down to the Deep South to check out Sgt. Suck'em's straight roommate. When Brad gets home from his afternoon jog he's confused by this strange guy with a camcorder is in his living room. Adam tries to explain it all, but Dink lays it on the line for him. He tells Brad that he's a hot fucker and he wants to make a video of him naked and jacking off. Brad thinks this bastard's crazy and leave to take a shower. Dink's not that easy to get rid of though and he follows Brad into the shower and almost challenges him to do a better "solo" session than Adam did. Well, that does it. Brad's straight boy honor is at stake so he strips down to reveal his muscled body and long fat uncut cock. Wow, this dude has it all, including a little self-suck talent that no straight-boy should be doing. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Zack, Zane, Adam, Joey. The video opens with short feature of Zane and his SGT Adam Wolf doing a 2 mile run in the hot morning sun. When they return to the barracks, they talk in the hall for a couple of minutes about the run and working out and then they hit the barracks showers where they playfully watch each other, hoping the other doesn't notice. There is a cute exchange here of them sneaking peeks of each others butt and quickly turning away when the other turns around. Finally, the SGT's cock is rock hard as he watches Zane's pretty ass and he moves in closer. Zane backs up and his ass and the SGT's cock collide. This starts things off with them watching each other without hiding it and finally to Zane dropping to his knees and servicing the Sgt's 8.5" dick. The SGT returns the favor for a few and then Zane finishes off the SGT who blows his hot wad of cum all over Private Zane's face. The SGT leaves the shower and heads for the CQ desk, leaving Zane to jerk out his own wad of cum as he lays in the shower floor moaning "Suck it Sgt" This is a totally hot scene. XXX. Active Duty
    After Tony relays his sleepover experiences to me, I immediately think of Dean and so I go to Dean's room and tell him a little of what Tony has told me about he and his buddy from high school. Dean wants to hear more but I tell him he'll have to hear it from Tony. So, Dean and I return to the room where Tony is laying on the bed and Dean hops on the bed beside Tony and I leave the two of them to talk. Tony tells Dean all about his sleepovers and Dean is clearly excited by his stories. In fact, I think Dean may have been a little jealous that he'd not experienced such things with his buddies in high school. Dean tells Tony that he'd like to have a sleepover like that! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Ken, Doc, Cole, Damien. Looking back over some of the videos that Cole and I have done together, I realize what an awesome team he and I make. Always seeming to know just what the other is thinking. The more attention I pay to the two of us interacting on video, the more I recognize this. This particular night proves to be no exception as we loosen Ken up and let him conduct the band. The beat moves on quickly as we all shoot the shit and I assure Ken that I have "no idea who owns this company... they just pay me to corrupt people." Ken quickly loosens up and I leave he and Cole to chat while I make us all a drink. When I return I coax Ken into feeling Cole's huge cock just to get a feel for it. Ken grabs on and doesn't let go all too soon. I get Cole on his knee's beside Ken and ask Ken to try double stroking that big cock. Cole starts stroking Ken in return. Ken says he got a lot of experience jacking cock overseas. I asked if it was his or other guys. Of course it was his. I asked Ken if he saw any hot guys overseas and he's like "no" I told Cole I thought he was lying to us. I ask Cole to get on top of Ken and stroke their cock's together. Johnny Cash is singing' in the background with me and the beat moves on. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Hayden, Ty, Matt, Cole. Big Dicks, Bareback, Military, Threeway. It all starts out with "my wide angle lens is broke" and from there it's on. Cole and I have talked Ty into trying something new. We shoot the shit back and forth about some very interesting stuff and we find the two guys in a bidding war for something they both want. In the midst of the bartering the clothes come off and the cocks get hard. Things are headed in the right direction. Cole starts out sucking Ty and getting him comfortable. Ty has agreed to bottom and the big entry is just around the corner. But not before Cole works Ty's cock over with his hot mouth first for awhile. Cole is sucking and stroking Ty's hard cock and doing a damn good job of keeping the newbie interested and horny. Ty is enjoying this oral exam as he throws his head back and moans. His facial expressions say all is well and Cole continues working on him. I don't think I've ever seen Cole this into sucking a new recruits cock before. Cole takes his spit and starts lubing up Ty's hot ass, getting it ready for the pounding in its near future. Ty responds well to the finger while Cole continues the oral service while he works his middle finger deep into Ty's hole. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Kyler, Rodney, Elijah, Lance. New recruits Lance and Rodney are friends who get the chance to fuck Elijah and Kyler after some heavy sucking. They won't touch each other until the second hot scene, when Lance gives it good and hard to Rodney! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Shane, Landon, Luke, Swedish. Swedish is quite a fellow. This 18 year-old soldier standing only 5'7" and weighing a buck forty (140 lbs.) has the attitude of a giant. He's bold and decisive about what he wants and he doesn't mind telling you. We first got a glimpse of this trooper in Bareback Recruits 2: The Cole War. But, Soldiers Prefer Blondes was actually his very first video here at Active Duty. What? You think we'd throw the little sport onto Cole's cock without a little training first? We're not that cruel. But after watching the performance of Swedish along with his hot, veteran comrades in Soldiers Prefer Blondes, I'm sure you're gonna be as in awe of this soldier's ability and absolute joy in grabbin' the bull by the horns and going the extra mile. WHOAH! Big Jake was also around for this shoot and helped with the production and it's pretty hot to hear him helping me direct the four horny soldiers in the background as he yells out "yeah, boy, fuck that ass, yeah boy take that cock" in his hot southern accent. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Ken, Doc, Cole, Damien. Spankin' new to Dink's camera: Dick and Rick get a little slap happy together. XXX. Active Duty
    SPANK ME, SIR #2
    Fetish, Masturbation, Military, Spanking. "Sir! Spank Me, Sir! I can't get enough of your paddle, sir!" Real military twinks get viciously whupped on as various spanking implements come down upon their hard, taut, military butts in a real "Hu-rah shit-storm" of blows! "Are you brown-eyeballin' me, maggot?!" XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Kaden, Brock, Christian, Zack, Adam, Reese. Six hot and hung troopers surge right into each other. Kaden, Brock, Christian, Zack, Adam and Reese join up for a six man fuck fest and Tully takes a dick up his ass for the first time! XXX. Active Duty
    THE SURGE #2
    Starring Adam, Levi, Kaden, Kasey, Damien, Adam, Zack, Brock. Nothing will get your urges surging more then this 8 man suck and fuck festival featuring real, hot, hung, Military men. All hardcore gay sex Plus, a exclusive where both Kaden and Kasey bottom for the first time ever. XXX. Active Duty
    THE SURGE #3
    Starring Spencer, Hops, Kasey, Kaden Saylor, Levi, Christian. The Surge 3 features two hot studs giving up their manhood for the first time. Levi has come so far since signing on with us here at Active Duty. This shy, sexy country boy who grew up living the simple life on a ranch before joining the Navy went all the way from solo to bottoming and what an experience it was to watch him as he progressed. XXX. Active Duty
    Seth, a marine, and three hot army guys in four hot solo scenes. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Britt, Granger, Marcus. After enduring the grueling demands of basic training and the hard hitting commands of a tough drill SGT, who could wish for more than to meet the Thrill SGT? In this, our 67th video release, Granger, Marcus and Britt cut through the training and get down to some steamy well deserved relief. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Jordan Sage and Granger. FYI ... Our latest release, Tour Of Duty 2, came about as a result of Jordan Sage giving me the email address of one of his Army buddies while he was stationed in Puerto Rico. When I first contacted Granger, I didn't hear back from him for about 3 weeks. I thought by this point that I never would hear from him. But as chance (or luck in this case) would have it, Granger finally responded to my email. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Damien, Zack, Cole. Zack was in town for the weekend for his first visit to the Active Duty compound in nearly three years. So, since Damien was our freshest recruit that week I decided to team him up with Zack and Cole for some afternoon fun. The three sexy devils kick back in the living room and start watching some porn while I bullshit with Zack about where's he's been and just get the guys talking and bullshitting in general. I leave the three of them alone with the porn for a while and wouldn't you know it doesn't take long before they're comparing cocks and pulling off their pants. And wouldn't you know it's Zack that's first to latch onto a cock (after all it's been three years) and he grabs onto our toy soldier's little soldier and starts stroking him. Cole follows suit and they both play with Damien's cock. Damien (not one to be left out) grabs onto both Zack and Cole's cocks and starts stroking them in return. XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Elijah, Jacob, Tony, Stevie, Billy. Every good Commander has to take out time to review his troops and that's what I've done for you with Troop Review. Enjoy this intense flick of bound up testosterone, troops! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Elijah, Jacob, Tony, Stevie, Billy. We join Tarzan, Jackson, George and Jasper in this solo video. These sexy soliders are built like brick shithouses! You don't wanna miss this one! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Bryan, Ryan, Dean. Bryan and Ryan are real life twin twinks and when they invite Dean over a good time is had by all. Watch Dean as he gets the twin time of his life! XXX. Active Duty
    Starring Bryan, Ryan, Shane, Hops, Damien, Hayden. Less than one minute into this film the cocks are hard. Chaz is playing with two identical cocks while the twins play with his. Hops walks in and watches the action, but he wants more than just a show. The twins oblige and of course Chaz won't be left out, so a four-way orgy begins in the bathroom and moves into the bedroom. Then all four guys and Damien meet up with Dink at a hotel and romp in the Jacuzzi and the king size bed. Don't miss this rock hard action form top to bottom. XXX. Active Duty

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