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  • Brentwood

    The Best Of Brentwood 2
    Four films from John Travis are showcased. Small Town Boy has cruising in public squares, 69ing with trade, rimming, finger-fucking, three-ways, a voyeur, a solo, and farmhands fucking outdoors. Blue Streak contains poolside sex, jockstraps, three-ways, campfire frolics, van sex, and cum guzzling. Hungry Hole features youthful men, a construction worker, glory hole sex, a bear-type hunk, face fucking, and butthole banging. From Breakdown comes snippets from The Big Parade (San Francisco, 1978), jockstraps, cockrings, acrobatic anal sex, nude horseback riding, three-ways, and leathermen in a sling. Anal sex, Classic gay porn, Musclemen, Pre-Condom. Directors J. Brian, Matt Sterling, John Travis. XXX. Brentwood
    Blue Streak
    Starring Casey Edwards Bill Baxter Wayne Russ Craig Mark. Classic Anal Compilation Pre-Condom. This film is a compiling of five short Brentwood classic films. Three men finger fuck and rim ass in "Hot Day in L.A", "Takes What He Wants" presents a huge cock, an anal emphasis and youthful men in a trailer. Stiff cock is stroked solo, and shot to a monstrously big orgasm, in "High on the Hill". Casey Edwards suck and fuck in and out of a van in a garage in the title segment. Includes voyeurism, a three-way emphasis, jockstraps, poppers, pillar-to-post fucking, long-stroke plowing, solo wanking, trailer campsite coupling and lots of cum in mouths and asses to drain even the bluest balls! XXX. Brentwood
    Starring Al Parker Paul Barresi Wayne Derek Dan Ken Mark. Classic Anal Pre-Condom. Three short films with no dialogue from director Matt Sterling. This collection offers some of the better photography seen in the Brentwood Classics and offers a raunchy group of men having sex like pigs! In Challenger, seven humpy seamen get it on either solo, duo or in trios aboard a large sailboat. A well-muscled stud beats his big cock before a mirror and worships himself and his own image. Al Parker (in his very first film role) joins a pair of lithe, thin boyish types for hearty fucking on the boat's sofa. Foreskin gets chewed, faces get shoved into buttholes, jockstraps are licked and cocks are pushed into orifices, all ending with cumming into mouths. XXX. Brentwood
    Don't Fight It Kid
    Big, beefy bodies and muscles are featured in this collection of four shorts by director John Travis. Although film-to-video transfer leaves parts of the segments grainy and dark, the overall action more than makes up for it! Right away, sir! Features an older, hairy and macho "daddy" with a younger man. These two navy studs, both with big dicks, relieve one another by concentrating on oral sex (both cock and ass sucking) and mutually masturbating. Inhibition is not seen here! Anal sex, Classic gay porn, Musclemen, Pre-Condom. Director John Travis. XXX. Brentwood
    Ebony Love
    Starring Jeff Jim Allen Craig Ron, Interracial Classic Anal Pre-Condom, Four vignettes with no story and all action. Hot Glory Hole presents a greedy cock-sucker who swallows a macho man's long cock. The sucker gets his face fucked and eats the other's cum. Then, a second man (mustached, tanned and muscular) fucks the sucker under the toilet stall doggie-style. They both jack off and cum. XXX. Brentwood
    Eureka Bound
    Starring Steve Boyd Scott Anderson Jack Burke Phillip Michael, Classic Outdoors Anal Pre-Condom. These three short films feature good-looking men with big dicks, all fucking in the great outdoors. These early works rival (in sexual heat, if not technical sheen) the blockbusters that were to follow."- Manshots In the title segment, a pair of lovers stop for a hitchhiker (huge-dicked Steve Boyd) and get it on alongside, and on top of, their pick-up truck. All three men are well-endowed, but the lovers end up worshipping the studly top, reveling in getting fucked by him and sucking his huge meat. John Travis directs. XXX. Brentwood
    Erection Set
    Classic Muscles Anal Pre-Condom. An action-only, pre-condom collection of three short films from director Matt Sterling. The action is top-notch, performed by a hunky cast of masculine, beefcake-y men. In The Erection Set, three construction workers put their work aside to satisfy one anotherŐs sexual appetites. Emphasis is on tattoos, macho posturing, hairy torsos, foreskin, rimming, big orgasms and blowjobs, not to mention juicy cumshots. The camerawork is solid but a little arty, with way too many lingering shots of the city skyline. XXX. Brentwood
    The Hard Way
    Starring Art Williams. Classic Anal Pre-Condom Massage. Hairy buttholes and horny men are among the highlights of this collection of early shorts from veteran director John Travis. Car Hop depicts a street pick-up that ends in a garage where two hung dudes stroke and blow each other in the front seat of a convertible. Things heat up, and the men start jabbing tongues into piss-slits and fucking over the seats. Basket Shots, the least interesting of the shorts, has an athlete beating off monotonously, finally shooting all over his basketball. Jake's Dream cross-cuts between an erotic solo by an all-American type and his dream of a long-haired hippy getting freaky with a leather-vested stud in a garage. XXX. Brentwood
    Hungry Hole
    Starring Tom Mark Branson Craig Jordan Wes Paul Jack Bob. Fetish Classic Anal Gloryhole Pre-Condom. In New York village there is a private glory hole club where men go each night to get it on with each other. Big cocks and blonds are emphasized throughout. XXX. Brentwood
    Marine Furlough
    Starring Classic Anal Military Pre-Condom . This collection of four loops leads off with Gary Boyd as a marine on leave who, along with his friend Bill, visits a Tokyo teahouse. When the waiter walks in, a searing three-way ensues. When the paperboy and Mr. Egan get together it's a chicken-fucker's dream. Major is a masculine football player who beats off at every chance he gets, and anywhere he can. The final segment features two rugged, mach men sucking and fucking in a meadow. From the Golden era of Gay cinema, no condoms. XXX. Brentwood
    Classic Muscles Anal Pre-Condom. Mark shows what happens when a college athlete is ready for action but all alone. A solid, well-developed body, a beautiful cock, and a stunning face combine to make a memorable solo session set against spectacular California cliffs. XXX. Brentwood
    Starring Doug. Classic Anal Military Pre-Condom. These four pre-condom episodes from director Matt Sterling play with the theme of sailors on leave. There's a good deal of spanking, armpit and foot licking, and hearty oral and anal sex. The actors' eager performances will get you drop-dead horny and leave you drained. XXX. Brentwood
    Self Service
    Starring Steve Boyd Eddie Chip Dak. Cumshot Masturbation Classic Muscles Bear, Four Brentwood j/o loops collected into a single feature. Fantasy, some butt play, big cocks, vigorous pump priming, and huge cumshots are executed in imaginative ways by five all-American, butch men. The same captivating stud plays both a cowboy and a leather biker in, respectively, Eddie Goes Western and Eddie's Bike. As a cowboy, the furry hunk dismounts from his horse, smokes a cigarillo, and flops down in a glade to beat his meat. He reveals a fascination for his own long, thick cock and shoots an impressive load. As the leatherman, he straddles his motorcycle and demonstrates a few new uses for Arco motor oil and a screwdriver! The stroker/smoker called A Man to Remember would indeed be hard to forget. Lanky Dak smokes a cigarette while beating off, and then shocks the viewer by actually puffing on the cigarette with his asshole! Steve Boyd, star of Joe Gage's Kansas City Trucking Co., shows off his boyish good looks and whopper dong (which requires two hands to service) in Steve Has a Splashdown. Last and best, The Boy Next Door, a clean-cut jock in a football jersey, greases up, jerks off with a condom while reading a copy of Oui, and explodes in a must-see eight-spurter. XXX. Brentwood
    Small Town Boy
    Starring Dane Ted Wes Doug Dean Jack Chris Steve. Classic Muscles Anal Pre-Condom. In "Small Town Boy", Dane walks the streets of San Francisco in his business suit. He is very clean cut, with an "aw shucks, Beav" haircut and a strong jaw. He hits on a woman, gets turned down, and soon comes across a striking blonde man. They traipse back to his hotel room and the blonde immediately strips down and begins to jack off his cock. Dane pulls his flaccid but huge dick from his white briefs and feeds it to the blonde. The blonde manages to take the entire thing into his mouth and down his throat. Dane tries to stick the devil's lollipop up the blonde's butt. Alas, the ass is not as skilled as the mouth; the blonde cannot accommodate Dane's girth. Instead he sits atop Dane and strokes his bone until he shoots a load. XXX. Brentwood
    Truck Stop
    Starring Gary Boyd Mike Savage, Big Dick Classic Muscles Anal Pre-Condom. Rod and Joe are two black truckers who stop at a "Truck Stop" for a drink. In the bathroom, Joe takes out Rod's hardening cock and feasts on it. Back at the bar the action continues, only this time the youthful white bartender is more than a casual observer. After undressing, Eric strokes his cock while sitting on a bench before moving to the shower where he continues to pull on his soapy meat. Then Major, Tom, and Don are three horny studs who explore different combinations among pool tables and pinball machines in an effort to satisfy their voracious appetites. The fourth segment finds Gary Boyd out driving around when he encounters auto problems. Gary decides to pull into a service station where Mike Savage works. Mike decides to help Gary with a different problem and brings him into the garage where he takes Gary's cock in his mouth and up his ass. XXX. Brentwood
    Winners Circle
    Starring Glen Norris Jim Laird Steve McCormick Rick Logan Mike Savage Tom Cline Jack Hardman Dick Bateman Ron Furman. Fetish Classic Muscles Uniform Jocks Anal Pre-Condom. The cast, for the most part, is more clean-cut than the "trade" types of other early Sterling shots. As the players peel off their equipment and jockstraps, they break into a circle jerk. Intercut with the locker room footage are homoerotic shots of uniformed men at play on the field, performing calisthenics, and bending over for the hike of the ball. XXX. Brentwood
    More from Brentwood...
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