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  • Falcon International Collection

    ACCIDENTAL LOVERS | Free Video Clips!
    Starring Dano Sulik, Slavo Jarowsky, Martin Valko, Andrej Sovinski, Tomas Meyer, Michal Tarkus, Roman Gregor, and Marek Smolik. Venture behind the former Iron Curtain with Falcon Studios! Shot in full sync-sound, our new collection of international all-male videos begins by roaming and exploring the athletic bodies of Eastern Europe. Falcon proudly presents the first video of the Falcon International Collection-"Accidental Lovers", a warm look at five chance encounters of these men! Shot on location in Prague, a city filled with some of the most beautiful guys on the planet. Anal sex, Big Dicks, Cumshots, European men, Fratboys, Jocks, Twinks. Director George Duroy. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Antal Reczi, Daniel Kriley, Danno Alecs, George Vidanov, Joe Calderon, John Valko, Jose Ganatti, Lajos Anfort, Marko Balazs, Martin Hubai, Mihal Laszlo, Miklos Orosz, Peter Bodanszky, Robert Zsilak. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, it might be a better idea to surface and check out the action. Our cast of 14 handsome, virile, East European men in all their uncut glory will send you spiraling head-first into this grand fucking, sucking, ass-munching extravaganza featuring all th best strokes! Once they're out of the pool, watch them steam up the locker room; navigating through a sea of man flesh, until everyone is satisfied with every nibble and every bite. Anal sex, Big Dicks, Cumshots, European men, Fratboys, Jocks. Director Csaba Borbely . XXX. Falcon International Collection
    BLUE DANUBE | Free Video Clips!
    Starring Denis Jung, Erik Kovac, Alan Greksa, Pavol Zurek, Alexander Straus, Kristof Junas, Palo Cernak, Milos Janek, Hans Koloman, Johan Paulik and Filip Smirnov. The Danube has long been the dividing line of East and Western Europe. The picturesque cities that hug the banks of the mighty river are centers of art and culture. But behind these walls of genteel civility beat the hearts of men filled with animal passion, just waiting for the right moment to set their masculine desires aflame. From Vienna to Budapest to Bratislava, the men are ripe for steamy sexual adventure. Anal sex, Big Dicks, Cumshots, European men, Fratboys, Jocks, Twinks. Director George Duroy. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring George Vidanov, Robert Balint, Adam Gosett, Jose Ganatti, Fernando Lizalde, Joe Calderon, Franco Corsini, Jason Lucian, Stefan Stano, Janos Volt, Akos Schiff, Attila Pagonyi, John Valko, Jozsef Kovacs, Krisztian Laszlo, Krisztian Szabo, Marko Pacyna, Victor Antoni, Istavan Hogyes, Nikolas Kiss, Mihal Laszlo, Petr Halasz, Tibor Zsolt. The Conquest is a lavish costume drama complete with (unnecessary) subtitles, gorgeous costumes, breathtaking men, and heart stopping sex. Many of the names in the cast will look familiar because you have seen them in all of their glory in recent Falcon International flicks. However, there is nothing stale or retread to be found here. Anal sex, Big Dicks, Cumshots, European men, Fratboys, Jocks, Musclemen, Uniforms, Twinks. Director Steve Kiraly. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Milo Peters, Elijah Peters, Bratt Kiney, Dimy Sove, Justin Boyd, Kieron Athey, Marc Guerin, Nathan Eclaire, Mirek Woitch, Ryan Quaid, Romain Baptist, Tim West, Tony Elliot, Ariel Vanean, Ben Lamar. These young hot horny European twinks are ready for some hardcore action. Sucking and fucking is what is on their mind! Anal sex, Big Dicks, Cumshots, European men, Fratboys, Jocks, Twinks. Director Rolf Hammerschmidt. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Boris Sacharov, Enzo Bloom, Jerry Harris, Ben Eastboy, Rusty Smith, Denis Reed, Dominik Trojan, Dario Dolce, Marcio Gonazles, Tibor Cernan, Nicolas Santos. Sit back, relax and get ready for Czech Tales 1 from the Falcon International Collection. Join this stunning cast of men as a lust filled story unravels in six sex filled scenes. For Boris and Jerry, nothing can beat being lost in one another. The familiarity of their bodies only magnifies their carnal sensations and they sear themselves into each other's flesh. Denis Reed and Rusty Smith slide into a slick leather scene - featuring rubber, restraint, and rigorous discipline. Meanwhile, back to Boris Sacharov, who, is so fucking horny he can't help but think about plowing Jerry's bubble butt, ramming his stiff hard boner up his partner's asshole again and again and again. Anal sex, Big Dicks, Cumshots, European men, Fratboys, Jocks, Twinks. Director Rolf Hammerschmidt. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Boris Sacharov, Enzo Bloom, Ben Eastboy, Mike Gate, Paolo Sido, Tibor Cernan, Nicolas Santos, John Cruise, Jirka Gregor. Boris Sacharov is a man on a mission. Picking up where we left off in Czech Tales, Part 1, Boris is still consumed with finding his true love and our heartsick hero gradually learns that the search for the elusive Jakub is presenting him with more of a challenge to than he expects. But more importantly, Boris realizes that with whatever distractions that fall his way, they will never deter him from his quest. Anal sex, Big Dicks, Cumshots, European men, Fratboys, Jocks, Twinks. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Anthony Brooks, Tony Magera, Igo Caricote, Steve Hunt, Rod Stevans, Maurizio Mangiati, Peter Shadow, Enrico Bellagio, Claudio Antonelli. Hot Sexy European boys having all sex with each other until they cum buckets. Two and a half hours of hot European man sex. Anthony Brooks lights up the screen in two hot 3 ways, it's a must see! Contains original movie trailer and classic movie trailers. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Thomas Barton, Nicolas Cole, Antonio Martin, Max McKay, Alexei Orofar, John Palmer, Danny Saradon, David Watts, Shawn White. Hot Eastern European guys, getting it on and giving all they got! When the boys go on holiday, clothes come off as the fun just begins. Filmed on location in Eastern Europe. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Marcus Cruise, Antonio Martin, Max McKay, John Palmer, Peter Schwarz, Patrick Sweetzer, Shawn White. The latest film from the Falcon International Collection. Starring Marcus Cruise, Antonio Martin, Max McKay, John Palmer, Peter Schwarz, Patrick Sweetzer and Shawn White in five scenes ranging from bedroom to living room to kitchen and out by the pool. Returning from a failed fishing trip, Antonio Martin and Shawn White enjoy a poolside fishing trip with high-tension rods and mouthwatering bait. Sucking and fucking their way to a big strike. Relaxing with buddies Patrick Sweetzer and John Palmer, Max McKay fantasizes about a foursome with Peter Schwarz, the hot guy these studs cruised at the river. The orgy that follows is filled with fucking sucking and foreskin play. Shawn White and Marcus Cruise find nothing decent on TV and turn to more fleshy entertainment. Shawn starts off sucking Martin and Marcus gives his ass a good pounding before both studs lose their loads. John Palmer and Patrick Sweetzer whip up a sizzling dish of kitchen sex. Antonio Martin arrives adding his own sultry spices to a three-way of fucking and sucking on the counter. Awakening on a bearskin rug, John Palmer and Antonio Martin start the day with devoted cock-play, sucking, and fucking. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring David Vidak, Martin Hubai, Marko Balazs, Sandor Lenart, George Vldanov, Zoly MIrlos, Fernando Lizalde, Janos Volt, Tomas Dombai. Aristocrat George Vidanov's weekend guests--Tomas Dombai, Martin Hubai and David Vidak can't wait to spend some quality time with their host. As the threesome unpack their things, Tomas is overtaken by desire. In no time he gets his fellow travelers out of their trappings and services their stiff cocks with oral expertise. Martin lays down and Tomas rides him like a crazed rodeo rider astride a bucking bronco. David takes his turn inside Tomas until finally all three men have peaked. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Pal Szakacs, Antal Posza, George Vidanov, Martin Hubai, Mihal Laszlo, Krisztian Szabo, Victor Magyar, Beni Laczko, Danno Alecs, Zoly Mirlos. Climbers Antal Posza and Beni Laczko can't wait to scale the Cursed Gorge, but George Vidanov thinks it's too dangerous. George agrees on one condition - that he'll have one last sexual encounter before he faces the hazards of the climb. Antal and Beni eagerly submit to his demands. The men strip down and devote themselves to a scorching session of cocksucking, rimming and asspounding-leaving them with a steamy memory of the encounter... should it be their last. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    A super-huge orgy, with hot, raw, and uninhibited sex at its best ! Starring Alexander Straus, Alan Greksa, Pieter Gierek, Dano Sulik, Pavol Holik, Franc Sokol, Palo Cernak, Hans Koloman, Kristoff Tripska, Franz Karloff, Eberhardt Huhn, Mikulas Gost, and big-dicked Gregor Hanslik. "Hot young men explore their sexual freedom with an orgy that'll capture your imagination and leave you breathless. From Gregor Hanslik's huge cock to Kristoff Tripska's tight ass, from a one-on-one in the cellar to a passionate duo on the kitchen table, this is Eastern European sex at its very finest." XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Latin Men. Shot in Argentina where those who love or have loved, have an angel watching over them. Starring Simon Arduiles, Matia Dellagiorna, Marcos Estelito, Juan Martinez, Andres Pierda, Demian Ruiz, Orfeo Santiago, Martin Valdez. Themes: anal sex, bodybuilders, butt play, butts, cumshots, foreskin, group sex/orgies, international, latino, oral sex, outdoor sex, rimming, romance, sixtynine, underwear. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Stefan Toth, Nikolas Kiss, Mihaly Tombor, George Vidanov, Daniel Kriley, Joe Calderon, Thomas Williams, Tomas Dombai, Peter Kriszta, Jose Ganatti. Good wine, good humors, and good thoughts are just a few of the ingredients that make this video spill over with gusto. Large cocks and hot, steamy sex fill the screen to make you get worked up!! XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring George Vidanov, Isidore Nadas, Jonathan Collins, Martin Sandor, Adam Gosett, Daniel Halasz, Andras Molnar, Eric Hanner, Jacob Matthias, Beni Laczko. Falcon International delivers with Hungarian Graffiti. Huge Euro-cocks tearing into the lower quadrants of muscle hunks makes this a must have! XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Featuring cover model Martin Sandor (possessing one of the best sets of abs and eyes) this one of the creamiest, hottest and - if you can believe it - most romantic facial cumshots yet filmed. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Fabrizio Mangiatti, Enrico Belagio, Rick Bauer, Lucio Maverick, Mark Dievo, Sebastian Bronco. Eastern European guys hooking up and having hot sweaty man sex is what you'll find here! Watch these hot and horny Eastern European boys get down and dirty. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Jose Ganatti, Andrew Moretti, Alexander O'Connell, Rick Bauer, Flavio Valentino, Claudio Antonelli, Leslie Blue, Julian Vincenzo, Peter Shadow. Cravin' some prime, grade-A beef? There's enough uncut Eastern European manmeat here to satisfy your appetite! When 4 young soldiers return for some needed R&R from a year-long deployment in Iraq, they find there's no place like home. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring George Vidanov, Stefan Stano, Stefan, Racz, Peter Kristztia, Janos Volt, Alex, Lambert, Adam Gosett, David Moretti, Daniel Castnov, Fabio Zoltan, Istavan, Hogyes, Peter Tomanek, Miklos Soledad, Kurt Schwartz. Hungary Men is a neat package containing an assortment of beautiful men sexing it up in one duo, two threeways, and one seven man orgy. All of the men are appealing and skilled sexualists; there isn't a dud in the bunch. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Jerry Harris, Boris Sacharov, Dario Dolce, Enzo Bloom, Paul Valery, Phil Sardou, Kevin Elola, Jacques Briere, Mark Vernon, Sascha Chaykin, Marlon Moreno, Tommy Adon, Kurt Diesel, Jason Knightley. The street is dark, the night promises excitement, and the hungry young men are out prowling for fun - a perfect setting for the choreography to begin. Slyly and confidently they perform their ritual mating dance looking for the right partners, the right chemistry - just to get laid. What a thrill to catch someone's eye, someone's fancy; someone receptive to indecent proposals. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Tim Hamilton, Solten Talton, Mario McGabe, Viktor Kinski, Rod Stevans, Enrico Tarantino, Jack Wright, Andrew Moretti, Juan Rivero, Buck Monroe. Take a trip to a boxing camp in Hungary where studs from all over the world go to train -- and work up a sweat. Rivals Eric (Solten Talton) and Adam (Andrew Moretti) couldn't be more opposite. But they have one thing in common: they are both the best boxers in all of Hungary. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Nikolas Kiss, Joe Calderon, Stefan Toth, John Valko, Thomas Williams, Istvan Kerekes, Tomas Dombai, Marko Balazs, Zoltan Kopre, Karl, Nepessy, Daniel Kriley, Zoly Mirlos, Zsolt Beni, Robert Balint. Embark upon an erotic voyage with fourteen lusty uncut studs intent on satisfying their sexual hunger. On deck and below, these sailors really know how to raise a stiff mast and get those colors flying. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Dano Sulik, Martin Valko, Kristoff Junas, Eric Kovac, Jan German, Milos Janek, Alexy Hanzlik, Daniel Ruzovy, Peter Sidow, Gregor and Michael Simovik. The evening streets of Eastern Europe are alive with young men coming together to savour the freedoms of the New World order and each other! Falcon International Superstars Dano Sulik and Martin Valko make a sizzling return in this film, along with favorite stars Kristof Juans, Jan Cerman, and Eric Kovac. Screen debuts from Alexy Hanslik and Daniel Ruzovy, with Peter Sidow, Roman Gregor, and Michael Simovik. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    East Europe's hottest men give it all to you on this ride of a lifetime! Filmed on location on East European railways! Starring Daniel Valent, Alexander Straus, Roland Martinus, Slavo Jaworsky, Kristof Junas, Michal Tarkus, Leo Husek, Eugen Kalman, and Erich Tauber. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Martin Valko heads a cast of beautiful men in hot, outdoor action that will leave you breathless. With Alexander Strauss, Milos Janek, Johan Paulik, Palo Cernak, Leo Husek, Jiri Lubov and Emil Kys. Spreading themselves across the landscape of Hungary, the Ukraine and Sloavakia, the majestic Carpathian mountain range is home to some of the most rugged and rural life in Eastern Europe. Martin Valko's family farm attracts the hottest uncut farmhands around! With Alexander Straus, Milos Janek, Johan Paulik, Palo Cernak, Leo Husek, Jiri Lobov & Emil Kys. Mansex permeates the pastoral farm, from the barns to the fields, sex-hungry young men go at it with each other with incredible intensity. FILMED ON LOCATION IN EASTERN EUROPE. Alexander Straus comes upon Emil Kys milking a cow inside a barn. Emil beckons Alexander over for some fierce cock-sucking. Alexander, fully inflamed and consumed by desire, lays Emil down on the porch to fuck his manhole in two different positions. Alexander shoots his load all over Emil's bare chest. Martin Valko spies on Jiri Lubov as he chops the wood outside the barn. Martin lures Jiri to the entry way for a hot session of sucking and fucking which begins on the porch and ends on the kitchen table. Horsing around with each other leads to sexual release for farms boys Leo Husek and Milos Janek. They exchange blow jobs on a ladder and then Milos gives Leo a good ass-fucking in a haystack. Johan Paulik and Palo Cernak explore a creek and begin making out once they've settled in the water. The action moves from creekside to abandoned cabin a perfect place to continue their bodily exploration. The two lusty young men trade blow jobs and then Johan fucks Palo on top of a haystack-putting Palo through the lusty paces before delivering his load over Palo's backside. Narrator Milos Janek decides to try milking the biggest bull in yard when he goes down on Alexander Straus next to the barn. The hot and bothered studs enjoy a steamy sixty-nine before Alexander fucks Milos on a pile of hay. Once just isn't enough and Milos squats on top of Alexander's solid cock for one final interlude of sexual exploration. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Franco Corsini, George Vidanov, Janos Volt, Remus Orza, Adam Gosett, Alex Lambert, John Valko, Jozsef Kovacs, Marko Pacyna, Miklos Soledad, Nikolas Kiss. It's a fireman's ball--Falcon style--when this good-looking battalion of Hungarian firefighters get all red-hot and bothered, stoking the flames of their lust and passion. They burn white-hot with desire, craving the kind of rough and tumble sex that will quench the inferno of their explosive libido. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    A sextravaganza that sweeps across Eastern Europe with more fucking and sucking than you can imagine. Starring Martin Valko, Dano Sulik, Jozeph Skala, Andrej Sovinski, Daniel Valent, Milan Demko, Johan Paulik, Pavol Zurek, Michal Tarkus, Victor Gravec, and Tomas Novak. Incredibly cute Johan Paulik takes us on a sexual tour of the hottest sex-filled sauna in the Eastern Bloc! Across a crowded pool over a dozen laughing and playing naked young men, Johan connects with Dano Sulik and Daniel Valent for a steamy three way... and that's just the beginning! Filmed on location in Eastern Europe. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Roman Paulik, Kristofer Holik, Eric Kovac, Johan Paulik, Jacob Socha, Stefan Stano, Victor Kral, Alex Mensik, Emil Ruttkay, and Jiri Lubov. Siberia and majestic, white mountains. But when the weather outside is frigid, the heat indoors sizzles to a frenzy. Kristofer Holik and the Paulik brothers, Johan and Roman, heat up the cold snowy nights with hot non-stop suck'n'fuck action. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Andras Brandl, Antal Posza, Colby Tavers, Jakob Kormos, Janos Volt, Johan Reves, Martin Sandor, Patrik Zsolt, Peter Krisztia, Serge Istavan. Czechs do it. Poles do it. Even extra-horny Slavs do it. Take a trip to the Old Country, where rosy-cheeked young men with names you can't pronounce are having sex - just like we do in America! XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Johan Reves, Maruis Reves, Mario McGabe, Denis Reed, Gabriel Thorsten, Mark Zebro, Adam Russo, Evan Rochelle, Milan Breze, Johny Linus, Richard Jordan. A classic story of conflict between the nobility and the peasants. Follow along as an erotic tale of intrigue and indulgence is woven through the lusty exploits of a people divided in everything but their desire. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Ion Davidov, Kristian Jensen, Ivo Svoboda, Sebastian Bonnet and Karl Mishka; plus ten more big-dicked and uncut young men, named Andrej Volek, Jiri Lubov, Hans Koloman, Gynt Klein, Tomas Belko, Jozef Beniak, Oto Burian, Matus Otava, Kristof Junas, and Alexander Strauss. Eastern Europe's are now Falcon's finest! A collection of some of the most intensely beautiful young men from around the world, courtesy of those purveyors of trend-setting and epic gay porn, Falcon. This is from the International Collection; filmed on location. No matter where in the world you are, you can't deny the outdoors as being a great place for fun, adventure and rugged exploration. XXX. Falcon International Collection
    Starring Losif Costea, Alexandru Cuza, Peter Krisztia, Emil Moldovan, Remus Orza, Stefan Racz, Johan Reves, Maruis Reves, Liviu Rousso, Serge Timar. Themes: anal sex, bodybuilders, butt play, butts, cumshots, foreskin, hand jobs, international, oral sex, rimming. It's just another day at the factory... all the machines, whirring and humming to a syncopated beat, repetitive motions lost in a humdrum monotony... Until things change, and Marius wins the lottery. He soon encounters what it's like to have a Winning Streak. XXX. Falcon International Collection
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